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  1. Desktop Computer तथा Dell PowerEdge T110 लाई फाईल सर्भर वनाउने तरिका
  2. Using Google Drive as a Document Scanner (गुगल ड्राइभबाट कसरी स्क्यान गर्न सकिन्छ त ?)
  3. WBRS मा कार्यक्रम, चौमासिक लक्ष्य र प्रगति प्रबिस्ट गर्ने तरिका
  4. Microsoft Word मा फाइलको नाम, पाथ, हेडर र फुटर राख्ने सजिलो तरिका
  5. How to Change a middle page in MS Word from portrait to Landscape
  6. Modify 24 pin SMPS to Dell Optilex 8 pin SMPS
  7. windows को password बिर्सिनुभयो , चिन्ता नगर्नुस् । तल दिइएको तरिकाले नयाँ password फेर्नुहोस्
  8. Mail Merging के हो र कसरी गर्ने
  9. Converting GPT format of hard disk to MBR format
  10. Enabling Two Factor (2F) Authentication in Gmail Account
  11. How to do File Sharing via HomeGroup in Windows 8 and 10 computers
  12. Fontasy to Unicode Converter
  13. Error code 0x80070422
  14. How to manage partition on windows without downloading any other software?
  15. Posting Articles in Xibo
  16. The User Profile Service service failed the logon, User Profile Cannot be loaded
  17. Create an UEFI Bootable USB Drive
  18. How to view detail of computer specification via MSINFO32.exe
  19. Does plugin work with latest WordPress version?
  20. How to view all devices along with their name, IP and MAC address connected to your network without router access.
  21. Blocking Websites in Computer via Editing HOSTS File
  22. Clock Errorले गर्दा Secure Site नचल्ने समस्या को समाधान
  23. Free, Opensource, cross platform and offline tool for creating Non linear presentation: How to
  24. TP-Link Router मा Address Reservation गर्ने तरिका
  26. DO NOT Install iLivid Download Manager
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