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  1. Review of ICT for Local Government (KMDB) Mobile App
  2. To publish the article in KMDB
  4. How to Make Automatic Table of Content in any Word Doucment
  5. owncloud installation in computer server
  6. Using GIS for first time
  8. Google Drive/Doc को प्रयोग गरी महत्वपूर्ण Documents, Files र Folder हरु Internet मा Store गर्ने तरिका ।
  9. How to connect PHP and MySQL
  10. Adding Google Drive Scan Shortcut to your Home Screen (गुगल ड्राइभ स्क्यान आइकनलाई एन्ड्रोइड फोनको होमस्क्रीनमा राख्ने कसरी ?)
  12. How to Make Automatic Table of Content in any Word Doucment
  13. Windows 10 मा Windows Update Service लाई Enable/Disable गर्ने छोटोमिठो तरिका ।
  14. windows को password बिर्सिनुभयो , चिन्ता नगर्नुस् । तल दिइएको तरिकाले नयाँ password फेर्नुहोस्
  15. Connecting routers one after one to expand network
  16. Best Practice of Presentation: Prezi Software – a non-linear Presentation Method
  17. Basic commands for Ubuntu
  18. Converting GPT format of hard disk to MBR format
  19. Google Drive मा File Sharing र File Store गर्ने तरिका
  20. Computer मा virtualization on गर्ने तरिका
  21. Windows 10 मा Windows Update Configure (Enable/Disable) कसरी गर्ने?
  22. Convert memory disk format from MBR To GPT during the installation of windows server 2012
  23. घर वा अफिसको इन्टरनेटमा हेरिने कुरा र हेर्ने समय नियन्त्रण गर्ने तरिका
  24. “Google Search ” गूगल खोजि प्रभावकारी ढंगले प्रयोग गर्ने केहि युक्तिहरु
  25. Remote Control your PC via Android Phone
  26. Android mobile बाट ल्यापटमा विना केवल/CardReader फाइल transfer गर्ने तरिका (No need to carry cable any more)
  27. Office 13 को Word document खोल्दा “Opening in Protected View” मा गई अड्किने समस्याको समाधान
  28. Print On doPDF
  29. Developing Office Network (Intranet) Applications Using Open Source Frameworks
  30. Merging scanned documents to single PDF file Using Adobe Photoshop CC
  31. Removable Disk (जस्तै Pen drive) को File र Folder हरु Virus (Shortcut Virus) का कारण लुकेर बसेका छन् भने त्यसको समाधान गरी File र Folder हरु कसरी देखिने बनाउने तरिका |
  32. Determining laptop battery health and capacity in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10
  33. MS Office मा Password Protected Data कसरी बनाउने – MS Word, Excel, Power point 2013
  34. How to connect an Ethernet Modular Jack
  35. How to manage partition on windows without downloading any other software?
  36. How to unhide the file/folder from Removable disk that has been made hidden by Shortcut Virus
  37. How to Merge Two Partitions into One in Windows 7 without loosing Data?
  38. Command Prompt बाट कम्प्युटर मोडेल नम्बर, कम्पनी, सिरियल नम्बर कसरि हेर्ने???
  39. विना ईन्टरनेट प्रिति  फन्ट बाट युनिकोडमा परिवर्तन गर्ने तरिका
  40. Create USER DEFINED FUNCTION (UDF) in Excel – An example on Tax Calculation
  41. Internet Download Manager (IDM) लाई सधैंको लागि नि:शुल्क प्रयोग गर्ने कसरी ?
  42. Google SpreadSheet मा Data Validation प्रयोग कसरी गर्ने ?
  43. Google Input Tools प्रयोग गरेर अंग्रेजीमा टाइप गरि नेपालीमा नतिजा पाउने तरिका
  44. Create an UEFI Bootable USB Drive
  45. USB flash drive लाई android phone मा जोड्ने तरिका
  46. How to view detail of computer specification via MSINFO32.exe
  47. Winrar Software को प्रयोगबाट दस्तावेजहरुलाई Archive र Extract गर्ने तरिका
  48. Fix Nepali Unicode characters rendering in Adobe Photoshop
  49. Camscanner को प्रयोगबाट document scan गर्ने तरिका
  50. Problem with ‘Auto-correct option’ of Microsoft Office
  51. Pen Drive लाई Bootable बनाऊने तरिका Software Use गरेर
  52. Flash Drive लाई Bootable बनाउने using command Prompt (to install windows)
  53. Pendrive वाट Delete/Format भएको Data कसरी Recover गर्ने ?
  54. How to view all devices along with their name, IP and MAC address connected to your network without router access.
  55. Pen Drive मा भएको डाटा (files or folders) Computer मा Empty or Hidden देखिएको खण्डमा Data Unhide गर्ने सजिलो तरिका
  56. Want to add your place in Google map?
  57. स्थानीय निकायको Website सुरक्षित राख्ने केही उपायहरु |
  58. Share your files with any device. Any time, anywhere.
  59. How to add a content type “Section” in the content “Officials” of the new Drupal based website
  60. How to embed the google forms in your website or blog?
  61. File and printer sharing between different computers connected to different routers on same network
  62. Installing Location Map Module in Drupal for showing the Google Map of Any Place in Website.
  63. How to LIVE Broadcast the events on YouTube
  64. How to reserve bandwidth of internet for particular computer?
  65. Using a secondary router as an access point only
  66. Free, Opensource, cross platform and offline tool for creating Non linear presentation: How to
  67. How to Configure ADSL router for Internet Access?
  68. How to change FACEBOOK PAGE NAME when there is more than 200 likes
  69. Internet download manager बाट torrent file download गर्ने तरिका
  70. How to fixed the problem “Windows explorer is restarting”
  71. htaccess protected admin panel and ajax search issue
  72. GIS for Planning: Road network analysis
  73. Windows 8 र 8.1 मा virtual wifi network create गर्ने तरिका
  74. TP-Link Router मा Wireless Setting परिवर्तन गर्ने तरिका
  75. How to extract data from existing GIS map
  76. How to write texts in a circular manner between two circles in MS-Office
  77. Getting started: How to publish articles to KMDB (Blogger based)?
  78. How to insert custom CSS Code?
  79. Filesystem requirement for required system
  80. Download Website Contents Using HTTrack.
  81. Protecting Sheets in Google SpreadSheet
  82. How to check if system files are corrupted in Windows OS, & how to fix them.
  83. How to embed Google form in website
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