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ICT Tools 40

In this category, knowledge base articles related to various ICT tools, applications and software are covered. Ensure you have searched this section before asking ICT Tools related assistance with your ICT Expert.

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IT Troubleshooting 23

Need to fix your computer? or a software that has stopped working all of sudden. Browse our knowledge base of articles to find the perfect solution of IT Troubleshooting at your Local Government Unit office.

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LB Software 8

Entire section dedicated for software applications used in Local Units from MARS to IPT to Darta Chalani and how to fix the issues with them.

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Local Level Websites 7

Previously for local bodies, now support for local level websites is here. Just select the question or search for your queries to get the solution.

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Resource Maps 9

From a simple resource map of your locality to a complex data driven GIS map of the province or the municipality. In this category, various tutorials related to GIS Resource Maps are presented.

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Office Productivity 4

Office productivity suites like Word, Spreadsheet, Presentations covered here.

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