We are a team of ICT Experts working since 2014 towards realizing eGovernance and ICT4D in Nepal's Local Government Units. The team from LGCDP/MoFALD supporting all 744 LLUs. And KMDB (Knowledge management system) is our platform for horizontal and vertical ICT based Knowledge sharing.

Capacity Development

ICT Personnel provide ICT-based capacity development training programs in various ICT applications, MIS, eBidding and computing productivity at the Local Level Units. Via formal and informal ICT CD and CBT events, vertical and horizontal knowledge sharing in ICT is practiced.

Federal Restructuring

ICTVs developed GIS based resource map for federal structure of local government, which would have been burdensome without support from ICT Volunteers. Apart from this, team develops custom resource maps for LLUs on demand.

Information Systems

Team ICT has always given priority towards paperless office, hence the development of office automation system, online budget authorization system, record keep and so forth. We tend to develop and support LLUs on Management Information Systems.

ICT UN Volunteers are providing ICT related support to MoFALD. For this, 2 UNVs are stationed at Programme Coordination Unit (PCU) and six other UN Volunteers at six Provincial Support Units (PSUs) of LGCDP. Newly established PSU in Surkhet does not have UNV ICT support yet. ICT Volunteers that are positioned in various offices of local level units (then local bodies). As of FY 2073/74, out of 136 volunteers, only 65 ICT Volunteers are serving. This ICT team is working to establish and support electronic governance initiations.

Team ICT’s Major Achievements for FY 2073/74

ICT Training for ICT Volunteers
ICT Training for ICT Volunteers
  • Support to programmatic areas
  • ICT support in federal restructuring
  • Capacity development of local body staffs in VERSP MIS
  • Budget authorization dissemination system
  • Information dissemination systems (digital boards, digital citizen charter)
  • ICTV’s GIS Support in LLRC
  • Extended ICT support in M&E
  • Official Automation System
  • ICT support to MARS
  • Website development for new rural/municipalities
  • Innovative ICT product development
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