GIS(Geographical Information System) is not a software in itself. It is the systematic organization of geographic data, information and hypothesis so that accessing it at required moment is fast with information easily indexed so that switching from one IS(information system) to another IS is not inconvenient.

First Things First

ArcView GIS is the old version. If you have it… upgrade the system.
ArcMap GIS is used to explore geographic data and create maps (extension: [.mxd])
The information stored about map is based on how it should be displayed.

Adding graphics

The graphical information that are used in publishing a map are:
  1. Textbox
  2. Legend
  3. Scale
  4. Arrow (N)

Saving a map

It can be done from Data Source Options:
  We store full path names to data sources

Data Frame

It is a way of grouping a set of layers you want to display together

Data Layer

Click Data Frame
Add Data from Standard Toolbar

Importing GIS data source

Importing a data source can be available from:
  • census.gov
  • earthexplorer.usgs.gov : imagery data
  • nassgeodata.gmu.edu/cropscape : crop Agriculture
  • viewer.nationalmap.gov/viewer
Conventions used in Arc GIS: 1/9 Arc Second = 3 metres (3m)
Note: The information being provided is based on ArcGIS 9 Tutorial.

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